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Wrinkle Reduction & Prevention

Wrinkles can begin to form even in our 20’s and become progressively deeper and more persistent as we age. They often form with the lines of facial movement and are accentuated by our facial expressions. At a younger age, one may see lines appear in the skin when we move, but they disappear when we relax — not so as we get older. Wrinkles are thought to be an intrinsic change to the skin at certain sites brought on by a combination of environmental exposure (e.g. sun damage) and repetitive facial movement.

Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles may be reduced with a skin resurfacing treatment (e.g. ablative lasers, chemical peels, dermabrasion). A resurfacing treatment takes off the top layers of aged, sun-damaged skin and allows new skin to take its place. A deeper resurfacing yield better outcomes, but has a longer recovery and potentially greater risks. We recommend the following:

Light Restoration

2 cycles of: 3 light facial peels + Botox/Dysport (3 mo apart)

Medium Restoration

2 cycles of: 1 medium facial peel+ Botox/Dysport (6 mo apart)

Advanced Restoration

1 cycle of: a deep facial peel (or laser, or dermabrasion) + Botox/Dysport


Botox/Dysport every 3 months + light facial peels every 3-6 months (or one medium facial peel annually)

Wrinkle Prevention

Prevention of wrinkles hinges on controlling the two major components that we believe cause wrinkles: sun damage and repetitive movements. We recommend consistent sunscreen use, sun protection, Botox/Dysport injections, and periodic light to medium skin resurfacing.

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Dr. Patel removed a mole from my (then) 10 year old daughter's high cheek back in December 2012, and he was such a nice man to her and the most kind staff one could ask for. Dr. Patel did a flawless job removing her mole and was very knowledgable post surgery. Thanks again, Dr. Patel and we miss you here in Austin, Texas! - Carol & Jessica Oliver
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Dr. Anand is truly the best! He is kind, compassionate, has a gentle bedside manner and is an impeccably skilled surgeon. I've had the good fortune to work with him both personally and professionally and I wouldn't hesitate to send my patients to him or see him as a patient myself (I've done both!)
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Dr. Anand Patel is one of the most gifted and skilled surgeons that can be found in these United States. I had no time to look around and research Drs. for what I was facing. I had a melanoma skin cancer on the end of my nose and it was a do it now situation. I was sent to him by my Mose surgeon and from there I was given the highest level of care anyone could ask for. I had a skin flap applied ... [Read More]
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Dr. Patel performed a brow lift and upper blepharoplasty and my results were absolutely beautiful. The two procedures erased ten years of age and the constant look of being tired all the time. His before and after computer pictures helped me understand how I would look after the procedure and his explanation of what to expect after the surgery was very helpful. Dr. Patel was kind and caring and ... [Read More]
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I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my left nostril. After MOHS surgery to remove the cancerous tissue, Dr. Patel rebuilt my nostril with a section of cartilage from my ear and a section of skin from my left cheek. Dr. Patel took time away from his family on two weekends to check the progress of the post -surgery healing. Dr. Patel's work is outstanding. It is literally impossible to tell I ... [Read More]
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Dr. Patel did a beautiful job reconstructing my chin after removal of a rather large basal cell carcinoma from the left side of my chin.I had had many skin cancers removed from all over my body, but none from my face. I entered the surgery rather lightly, not understanding how large the cancer was or how invasive the removal. I was devastated by the damage done. The day of my surgery, I had no ... [Read More]
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Dr Patel is the best! I'm a 53 year old male who had broken my nose several times in my life. I've always wanted to have my nose fixed. Finally, two years ago, I got the courage to have the surgery. I did extensive research on who would be the best to do the surgery. I couldn't have been happier with Dr. Patel. I had rhinoplasty, septum repair, turbinate reduction and an under eye lift ( I ... [Read More]
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If you are looking for a knowledgeable, artistic and kind person in medicine you have found him. Not only is he skilled as surgeon but he listens to your needs,wants and fears. I assure you he will address all of them . He rebuilt my mother's ala nasi (nostril) and upper lip that had to be removed due to Basal cell carcinoma(cancer). I am sad he will not be in our city any longer to provide me ... [Read More]
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I was an extremely satisfied patient of Dr. Patel in 2012. He performed a Forehead Flap and reconstruction nose surgery following Moh's surgery for skin cancer. It's miraculous that a new nose can be grown and attached in this way, especially with so little left to work with; Dr. Patel has definitely mastered this complicated procedure. Even though the early recovery period was quite ... [Read More]
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Dr. Patel is wonderful. I had a neck and lower face lift procedure with him about 5 years ago when he was practicing in Austin, TX. I felt so at ease when I went to see Dr. Patel for the first time. He had been recommended to me by my dermatologist. Dr Patel listened to my concerns and was patient with all of my questions. I wanted to fix my sagging jowls and neck but was afraid of anything ... [Read More]
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